The Fred - Adult cloth mask - Plain & Pattern (pair of 2)

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Mask specifications:

a.50% cotton for breathability, 50% polyester for droplet resistance.  A third inner layer of 50gsm polypropylene.
b.Each mask is wrapped in a plastic bag with an inserted instruction leaflet.
c.The mask is fully washable, and has been designed for both comfort and efficacy.  It has been tested and approved by Prof Shaheen Methar (ICAN)
d.2 sizes – kids and adults.  Mask is adjustableto ensure coverage above nose and below chin. 
e.The pleats also allow for breathing space within the mask whilst covering below the eyes, on the sides and under the chin.
f.Mask is made to tie behind the head, but can be easily modified by wearer to wear behind the ears if preferred.
g.Available in assorted prints, packed in packs of 2 (one for wearing, one in the wash), and packed with an instructional leaflet about how to wear a mask and other Covid-19 hygiene protocols.
h.The mask is also available in plains with a logo print – the cost of printing the logo is dependent on units ordered per print.  For example, between 1000 and 5000 masks a one colour print would add R4.00 per mask.  Over 5000 units would add R3.00 per mask.