The Ubuntu Cloth Mask is a public-private initiative of the Western Cape Government Health (WCGH), in partnership with The Health Foundation, Coconut Jazz and a growing network of other organisations. The initiative, coordinated by WoW! (WesternCape on Wellness) of the WCGH, aims to provide free quality masks to children and adults in at-risk communities in the province.


Summary of initiative
1. The WCGH in partnership with the Health Foundation, and local NGO ‘Coconut Jazz’, have developed a high-quality cotton mask pattern and ‘how-to’ video, which is in line with WHO, NDOH and WCGH guidelines.
2. An initiative has been launched whereby these masks are manufactured by local community NGO’s and sold in packs of 2 to the public @ R100 – R130 (recommended retail price).
3. A portion of the proceeds will go back to the Health Foundation in an effort to fund free masks to the vulnerable communities.

Specifications / design/ Pictures
a. The Ubuntu Mask was designed in partnership with ICAN (Infection Control Africa Network.
b. Design finalised and prototypes manufactured – which are compliant with WHO, NDOH and WCG specifications
c. A quality assurance process is embedded to ensure compliance of all masks with the required specifications